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At present, the Company is indirectly wholly-owned by Allied Group Limited ("AGL").

AGL is primarily an investment holding company, with a stated strategy of focusing its management and financial resources on its core businesses of property investment and development and financial services together with property management and elderly care services. AGL・s interests in property investment and development in Hong Kong and overseas and in mainland China are mainly held through Allied Properties (H.K.) Limited (:Allied Properties;), Allied Properties・ associate Tian An China Investments Company Limited (:TACI;) and TACI・s subsidiary Asiasec Properties Limited. AGL・s financial services business is mainly conducted through Allied Properties・ holding in Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (:SHK;) as well as SHK・s holding in United Asia Finance Limited. SHK Hong Kong Industries Limited, a subsidiary of AGL, is engaged in investments in listed and unlisted securities. APAC Resources Limited, being an associate held by Allied Properties, is engaged in commodity trading, resources investment and principal investment and financial services business. AGL・s property management and elderly care services businesses are mainly conducted through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Allied Services Hong Kong Limited.

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